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See Both Ways

Needing a prescription means that you can "See both ways." Choose to wear glasses one day and contacts the next.

More and more glasses wearers are being fitted with daily contact lenses, so that they benefit from choice.

The cost of daily contact lenses is less than the cost of a coffee per day. 

Choose to "See both ways."

How to get started

Get Fitted

See Proview Optical Chatswood or your local optometrist and ask to be fitted with contact lenses. In the process, you will be taught how to insert, remove and care for your lenses.

How to get started

Trial contacts

You'll have the opportunity to try your contact lenses for 1 - 2 weeks. In this time, you will get to practise handling them, get used to their comfort and see what life would be like without your spectacles. 

It's nice for a change.

How to get started

Prescription Issued

Following your trial period, your optometrist will issue you with a prescription for your contact lenses. Prescriptions will last 12 months before you need another eye exam.

Begin wearing and enjoying your contacts everyday, for sports or on occassions.